Human World 
is Daniel Amedee's debut novel, to be released October 28th, 2019 by Boyle and Dalton.  

Now available worldwide on AmazonBarnes and Noble, Waterstones, and more via Boyle and Dalton.

Cover art by Michael Protzik.

“As the Iron Age comes to a close, Earth is a flooded planet invaded by an alien race.

The fractal cycles of humans, nations, and planets are resetting as Earth prepares for the beginning of a new Golden Age.

Told through glimpses into worlds beyond our physical universe, and those beyond our scope of reality, this is a story of humanity’s introspection at the end of the world.”

"Human World melds science fiction and spirituality, peeling away the typical layers of recognizable space in its quest to lay bare hidden realities.  Amedee's novel, haunting and demanding, draws the reader into science fiction on its own lower frequency, spinning light and sound into equal parts social commentary, speculative vision, and path to enlightment."

- Eddie Ardeneaux IV, Assistant Professor of English at University of the Ozarks

"Human World has it all - space travel, time travel, mind travel, astral travel, genetic engineering, cold-blooded super soldiers, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual unenlightenment, and bearded monks in blue robes."

- Zack Godshall, Filmmaker (Lord Byron, God's Architects, Low and Behold)

"This book challenged me. Sometimes I found it intriguing, sometimes frustrating, sometimes enlightening, and sometimes just plain infuriating.  All in a way that kept me thinking and considering what I had experienced.  But honestly, isn't that what great art is supposed to do?"

- Eric Stevenson, Co-Founder of Pocket Vinyl